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About the Author

"James Stevenson hatched from an egg in the year 2015, then travelled back in time to 1999 to prevent the Y2K Bug. He failed." ‑James Hope

Current occupations:
Declaring beans at Zedify
Working on Banana Drum
Playing in three samba bands
Almost never making music
Being an enormous dweeb

Previous occupations:
Having wild adventures
Learning to program
Being an enormous dweeb

Unsolicited Recommendations

Read this: Alberti Denti di Pirajno, A Cure for Serpents

Alberto Denti was an Italian doctor posted in North Africa throughout the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. In this book he recalls the various escapades and acquaintances from his time there, all true, and yet at times almost incredible. These are magical tales of people and cultures gone from the earth, rich and fascinating and alive. It is a truly beautiful book.

Read this to someone: Walter Moers, The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear

Pull tome from shelf, clear your throat, and let a wild tale unfold. Who will you meet this time? The troglotroll? Querty Uiop? The old men of Tornado City? And where will you go? Atlantis? The 2364th dimension? Wheover and wherever, it will be new and wonderful. I'm always looking forward to opening this up again.

A legendary group: Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Born from the inspiration of a dream, Penguin Cafe Orchestra set out to make music celebrating the spontanaity and chaos of life. Joyous and playful, sometimes sorrowful, sometimes contemplative. Playful, childlike, human, free, and fun.

Best Board Game: Scrubble

Just play Scrabble, but throw out all the rules and don't keep score. Oh man it's so fun!